We want to give you the freedom to live life on your own terms. The "American Dream" is whatever you decide it is. It can be buying a home and raising a family that takes the occasional camping trip on the weekend or it can be buying a van and traveling the world. Its wherever your intuition takes you, where your soul shines brightest and whatever makes you happiest. We're here to make both better for you.

We believe we have the best hiking and camping equipment around, whether its for a beginner or a full blown Nomad living the lifestyle seeking adventure. We even have your dog covered to adventure beside you the entire time.

What is the "Nomad" Lifestyle? We take many things for granted in modern America. Nearly all Americans have a home of some sort; be it a studio apartment or a mansion, most of us go back to the same place at the end of each day. However, this is not true for all of the world's population today. At HypeHikeco we believe everyone deserves to wake up on a beach looking at the ocean and our goal is to provide you with the means to achieve freedom with the best Equipment, gear and tools that will help you on your Nomadic Journeys.